Curriculum Intent Statement

At Stokesley Primary Academy the curriculum is designed to recognise prior learning and provide first hand opportunities to form and embed understanding across a wide range of subject areas and knowledge. The curriculum aims to develop co-operation, independence, creativity and the desire to learn skills, absorb knowledge and seek more.

We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity within our community and respond to this diversity through the delivery of relevant and authentic learning opportunities aimed at expending experiences and knowledge. We also acknowledge that an important part of a defined school curriculum is the scheduled opportunity to evaluate and review its efficacy, content and relevance.

We provide enhanced and focussed opportunities to engage pupils and the community in our learning through curriculum celebration events and subject focus weeks. We are aware of the need for focus upon core skills in core areas but also that individuals have personal areas of Interest, high success and passion. Our curriculum aims to facilitate and enhance individual success in a breadth of areas and value and celebrate individual interests in areas of pupil choice.

Through our curriculum we aim to pass pupils from the Academy into a future of continued learning and interest in knowledge from the past and present and that yet to emerge.