18 December 2018

What to do if your child is absent from school

Please phone on the first day of absence leaving your child’s name, class and reason for absence. This needs to be done every day that your child is absent from school. These messages may be left on the school’s answer phone, or delivered in person.

If we have not heard from a parent by 9:30am as to why their child is absent from school, we will ring all of the contact numbers registered for that child until contact is made.

Unauthorised absences are taken very seriously and in the unlikely event that no contact can be made to establish a child's absence the local authorities 'Prevention Service' or 'Safeguarding' team will be contacted.

Medical Appointments

It is important that all medical/dental appointments are made for outside of school hours.  Sessions missed due to appointments will affect your child’s attendance percentage.

Please advise the office beforehand if children have to attend a medical appointment during school hours. Please sign them in and out of school at the main office.