The Sports Funding at Stokesley Primary Academy has been used to improve the teaching and learning in PE, by improving teacher skills and confidence, increase participation in competition and to improve resources in the school.

Area for funding Impact from funding
To fund a School Sport Partnership that support a range of development and competitive events against other school for all children.

Enables children to participate in high quality competition, festivals, development and tournaments in a variety of sports.

To provide training and development for all staff across all areas of P.E. Increases all staff skills and knowledge. Provides better provision, development and learning outcomes for children.
To provide staff with knowledge and understanding on how to promote the characteristics needed for all children to feel positive about P.E Increased knowledge around how and why P.E. and exercise are a positive life skill.
To fund high quality lunchtime and after school sport provision for children. An increase in participation and enthusiasm for sport. Improvement in activity levels and behaviour. Children becoming more active and developing their understanding and skills.
To improve sports equipment for PE lessons, clubs, transport and kits for events. An improvement in resources for lessons and clubs provides high quality PE lessons. Kits and transport for children to participate in development and competitive opportunities.

Sports Premium

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