4 October 2019

This week we have been using the part whole model to help us develop our understanding of the symbols + and =. The model is made up of one circle for each part ( the numbers that are to be added together) these are joined to a larger circle where the parts can be put together and we car work out what the whole number is.  It is helpful to the children because they can use counters or draw pictures to help them work out the total.  It is also helpful as it supports children to understand that 2+3 is the same as 3+2 and that addition can be done in any order. It will also help us next week when we begin learning our number bonds.  These are pairs of numbers that make a given total e.g. 1+4 2+3 0+5 all equal 5. Rapid recall of these number facts is one of our Year One non-negotiable skills, this means by the end of the year we will be experts at knowing our number bonds. Practising regularly at home in different ways can really help.  


Year One Part Whole Pictures

Posted by Louise Challenger

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