25 February 2020

Over half term we asked children to collect their plastic bottle lids so we could find out how many plastic bottles were used by the families at our school in just 1 week.  23 families brought in their bottle lids and we got busy counting.  It was a great opportunity for us to practise grouping in 10’s.  It made it really easy to find out the total.  We found out that we had used 454 bottles! We were surprised  it was so many.  This means that the families at our school will probably have used about 3000 plastic bottles last week, which would be about 157,000 each year.  That is a lot of plastic. Year one are on a mission to encourage everyone to reduce the number of single use plastic bottles that people buy and encourage everyone to make sure that we recycle all of the bottles that we use.  We have exciting plans for our bottle lids... you will have to wait and see what we are up to!

Posted by Louise Challenger

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