6 December 2018

Today we investigated which wheels worked best.  We wanted to make the test fair so we decided to use a ramp and make sure no-one pushed their moon buggy.  We tested each type of wheel ... card, wood, plastic, metal.  The we tested bumpy and smooth.  Finally we tested the buggies that had different sized or types of wheels.  We measured how far each one had traveled using wooden sticks. At first we had used the k-nex sticks but they kept rolling around so Billy suggested we use the lolly sticks.  They worked really well and we could compare how far each buggy traveled.We looked closely at our results.  Some of them were a bit confusing, we talked about other reasons why some buggies worked better.  Leon knew that his hadn't gone far because his axle kept sticking.  Other children noticed that their wheels were a bit wobbly.  We were able to decide that on the whole the wooden wheels had worked best and that having all of the wheels the same worked better than the front and back wheels being different.  Know we know what works best we are all ready to re-design our chassis and make it look more like a moon buggy ... or should I say Lunar Roving Vehicle.

Posted by Louise Challenger

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